DOBUROKU 04 ササニシキ / Sasanishiki




秋田県 稲とアガベ / Akita Prefecture Ine to Agave Brewery

清酒 Alc. 14 %

ササニシキ / Sasanishiki








Rich umami, direct graininess, refreshingly sweet and sour delightful taste!

Ina to Agave is a brand new craft saké brewery established in the fall of 2021 in Oga, Akita Prefecture.

The brewery's name derives from Japan's current license barrier surrounding sake producers, where new licenses to brew sake are not permitted.

Therefore, they utilize the license of "Other Brewed Alcohol" and produce sake with a very small amount of the secondary ingredients other than rice, or "doburoku" without pressing moromi.

Their signature product uses a very small amount of "agave" syrup, hence the name of the brewery.

All the rice, both in-house rice and rice from Ishiyama Farm in Oogata Village used for their products is naturally grown rice.

Mr. Norio Ishiyama, the owner of Ishiyama Farm, is the first organic JAS-certified natural rice farmer in Japan.

The brewery is committed to making the most of the rice they are entrusted with, and to minimize food loss due to excessive rice milling, their rice milling rate is 90%, the same ratio used for food rice.