DOBUROKUホップ 500㎖



秋田県 稲とアガベ / Akita Prefecture Ine to Agave Brewery

清酒 Alc. 14 %

稲とホップ / Ine to Hop














A perfect marriage of Doburoku and hop.

Doburoku is one of the oldest types of saké in Japan, dating back to the rice farming era. It is made from fermented rice, water and koji, without filtering the mash. Hops are flowers that add flavor and aroma to beer.

Together, they create a doburoku-hopped saké that has a tropical fragrance of lychee, banana and muscat grapes. It has a creamy and smooth texture that fills your mouth with sweetness, acidity, bitterness and a touch of fizziness.

You can enjoy this drink in different ways: drink it chilled for a refreshing taste, mix it with beer for a fun cocktail, or warm it up for a cozy feeling. Try it today and explore the rich history and culture of doburoku-hopped saké!

The hops are carefully selected by Mori Shinsui, a master beer brewer who brings out the fruity and citrusy notes to sake.

The hops will also create a stunning pink to purple hue when oxidized. Ine and hop is a crisp and refreshing saké with a gorgeous hop bouquet and a delightful sourness that balances the sweetness of the rice.

Ine to Agave is a new and innovative craft saké brewery that was established in 2021 in Oga, Akita Prefecture.

The brewery’s name comes from their use of agave syrup in their signature product.

This is due to Japan's current license barrier surrounding sake producers, where issuance of new licenses to brew sake are not permitted.

Therefore, they utilize the license of "Other Brewed Alcohol" and produce sake with a very small amount of the secondary ingredients other than rice, or "doburoku" without pressing moromi.

This gives them more freedom and creativity to experiment with different recipes and techniques. All their saké is made with naturally grown rice from Ishiyama Farm, the first organic JAS-certified natural rice farm in Japan.

The brewery respects the quality of the rice they receive and minimizes food waste by using a low rice milling rate of 90%. Ine to Agave is a brewery that challenges the conventions of saké making and offers a fresh and exciting experience for saké lovers.