Organic Cheese

We offer a selection of organic cheese that will perfectly match to our wines and sakes.

Our cheeses basically meet the strict criteria and standards of AB mark, the organic certification of the French government, and ECOCERT, an organic certification organization sponsored by the French Ministry of Agriculture.

One bite of our real cheese will surely change your view on cheese.

Camembert de Normandie

Normandy’s most famous cheese made from raw cow’s milk, which is the original Camembert cheese now made all over the world. The flavor is intense, pungent and similar to that of mushrooms, grass and butter, while the aroma is moldy and cabbage-like.

Taleggio al tartufo

Based on Taleggio, a typical washed cheese made in Lombardy, northern Italy, and is mixed with black truffles.
A rich flavor of aged Taleggio in harmony with the black truffles.

Tomme des Croquants affinée à la liqueur de noix

Tomme des Croquants refined with walnut liqueur undergo 3 rubbing with walnut liqueur from the Perigord distillery in Sarlat, which makes it an authentic local specialty. The crunchy rind is characterized by a dark, brown rind. The ivory paste is supple and mellow, very smooth, with a delicate nutty flavor, while the crust delivers more powerful notes.

Roquefort AOP Bio

One of the top three blue cheeses in the world.
This cheese is made from high quality unpasteurized sheep’s milk in the Corsse region of southern France. Melts very nicely in your mouth with a delicate milk sweetness.
It has an elegant and well-balanced taste with moderate saltiness and a long lasting flavor.


Saint-Marcelin is a soft un-pasteurised, mold ripened cheese, produced in the Rhône-Alpes region of France. When ripen, the texture of the cheese will be very runny and the rind of the cheese will become irresistible and hence it is served in a terra cotta container.