Our shop is located in an old residential area surrounded with narrow lanes.
If you are coming by car, please take a look at the pictures below.

❶ 長浜公民館の看板を目印に6号線から入る
Turn at the Nagahama Community Center sign from Route 6

❷  長浜公民館前の公園を左折(シーサーが目印)
Turn left at the park in front of Nagahama Community Center

❸ 一翠窯さん角を右折
Turn right at Issui pottery (一翠窯)

❹ コーポナガハマの先を右折
Turn right at the end of Corpo Nagahama

❺ 道なりに進み、2本目の小道を右折(石敢當が目印)
Turn right at the second pathway.

❻ 突き当り左で到着!
Our store is at the end of the pathway.

Google mapで経路検索した場合、以下のルートが表示されることがございますが、「X」の箇所の道が狭く車両での通行が困難となります。(軽自動車でも走行は困難です)

When you search on Google Maps, you may first find the following routes, but the roads with red “X” are too narrow and difficult to drive through. (even for a light-sized car)
If you are coming by car, please take the above mentioned route, or park your car at Nagahama Community Center and take a short walk.